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NAŠE POTRAVINY project is a trusted source of food products information (ingredients, allergens, emulsifiers), marketing information (awards, brands) and product pictures. The project is tailored for:

1. Suppliers

  • How to simplify the sale of products over the Internet?
  • How to ensure that customers get the correct information about the products?
  • How to get information about the products to business partners and customers in one step?
  • What is simplest way to meet the requirements of EU Regulation 1169/2011 on providing food product information to consumers?

Supplier sends samples of his products to our address. We produce two product pictures, 360° presentation and copy all the details from the product packaging. Supplier then checks the data and confirms their authenticity. All product information becomes available to all information subscribers and consumers.

Product details in NAŠE POTRAVINY database means that business partners and customers will always have up to date information. For information suppliers this will save lengthy communication with their customers, filling out various forms with high possibility of errors when copying the data manually. Suppliers are constantly in control of their product data provided and information subscribers have access to guaranteed and trusted information.

Use of digital technology and providing trusted information is a win-win situation for all.

Consumers have easier access to information about the quality and ingredients of each product and thus can make purchase decision more easily.

Manufacturers and retailers gain consumer trust and loyalty resulting in increased sales and increased value of products.

Application developers and global catalogs have access to product data from one trusted source.

NAŠE POTRAVINY project provides:

  • compliance with EU Regulation 1169/2012 on providing food product information to consumers.
  • simple distribution of multimedia content for suppliers.
  • 360° product presentation of each product.
  • inclusion of all products into the global GS1 Source product database with trusted product information.
  • inclusion of all products in a public database with product and picture details where consumers can filter their searches by country of origin, allergens or category.

2. Information subscribers

Information subscriber may be a retailer, e-shop, web or mobile application developer, school or government office.

Through our API all information subscribers have access to all trusted product data as well as product pictures in the form of an XML message.

In case information subscriber has a valid ORBITVU license a 360° product presentation is available, too.