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NAŠE POTRAVINY project is a source of food products trusted information (ingredients, allergens, emulsifiers), marketing information (awards, brands) and product pictures. The project is tailored for all producers of food products, their customers and consumers who are interested in trusted information about food products.

An important part of the project includes 2 product pictures and a 360° presentation of each product.

Our trusted source of information helps producers and importers to get the food products information to their customers and consumers. Producers involved acquire control over the digital content of their products.

NAŠE POTRAVINY acts as the single entry point where producers enter product information and all their trading partners will automatically receive all data available. Information suppliers save a lot of work and time by not having to communicate all the product information with their business partners separately. Producers engaged in the project automatically meet requirements of the EU Regulation 1169/2011 on providing food product information to consumers.

In NAŠE POTRAVINY you will find all information from the product packaging as well as additional information that may not appear on it.

The project was created by GS1 Slovakia but is managed by a service company EAN Slovakia s.r.o.